• Lead International HR Solutions (LIHRS)

    A dedicated company provides Service in Human Resources Recruitment and in Training & Development.
  • LIHRS is from the Group of Interalloy Industrial Solutions Pvt. Limited (IISPL), India.
  • LIHRS is a dynamic organization that excels in consulting and training.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead the industry in front and the successful delivery of solutions and services that enable our customers to win the challenges...read more →

Our Mission


Our mission is to transform the challenges into successes and strive to enhance the process to improve the Human Resource Management...read more →

Our Services

  1. Job oriented Courses

    Lead International HR Solutions will provide your organization with customized programs that provide employees and leaders with skills that are critical for individual and company success.

  2. Certifications programs

    Our training programs are always customized for our Client’s specific needs. We work with our client to diagnose their training needs and develop cost-effective solutions for their company.

  3. Process and Skill based training

    On-site training involves no employee travel or living expenses, and we work within client’s schedule to minimize down time.

  4. Recruitment

    Lead International HR Solutions can help the employers in a right way and develop the right activity to get to the best candidates faster and more efficiently.

  5. Cost-effective strategies

    Our staff has extensive training and leadership experience in the area of staffing and employment